Testimonies from
parents, teachers and/or principals
regarding our programs, training and services
I must thank you for an outstanding program. I loved every moment of it and could have listened to your extensive knowledge all weekend!
I can't wait for the DVD so that I can watch it over and over and I am sure I will pick up something new every time.
Thank you and I can't wait for the next one!
Just thought I would share with you.
We did a survey with our parents about fees. One of the questions was about paying for compulsory extra activities. Out of 52 replies (which is supposedly a very good response rate) only 1 said they would prefer to save the money they spend on both Kwanda Kids and our other extra-curricular activity (that particular parent also chose to be anonymous in the survey!!)
Eight people said they would prefer to save the money they spend on this other extra-curricular activity each month. We knew it anyway but this is the proof,  the parents love you guys!!!
Well done!
From a principal at one of our schools
Thanks so much for your effort with Ava – we were very proud when we received her report especially because she is a whole year younger than her class mates. I directly contribute the exercises you do with her during the Kwanda lesson to her instant success at ballet and swimming which she started both this year.
Thank you so much for the feedback. You are a real professional and I admire your great passion for your work.
I am Seth and Rori's mom and unfortunately I was not able to attend the open day this morning, however I would like to thank you for all Kwanda has done for my kids, especially Seth.
I am not sure if you are aware of Seth's background. Last year it was brought to our attention that he has Sensory integration disorder. He has been attending Occupational Therapy since March last year and has made progress however it was painfully slow.
Long story short, Seth has been at this new school for little under 3 and a half months now, in which time he has learnt to gallop, skip, his fine motor skills, balance, concentration and low tone (and so much more) have all improved dramatically.
Last week his occupational therapist pulled me one side and expressed how pleasantly surprised she was at his dramatic improvement in such a short space of time. While he is on medication for the epilepsy, I attribute the bulk of this improvement to your program, as well as the fact that Martie and her team worked it into their curriculum. I am so happy that we have been able to find the perfect mix of attention and assistance that he needed. It makes a big difference in our lives. Every nursery school should be instituting this program into their curriculum.
Thank you once again.
Hailey Graaff
An organized and very informative morning, thank you! You are uplifting the standard of babycare in schools.
Marene showed great passion whilst conducting the training, making it very effective. I felt the training answered questions I had with regards to ADHD.
The information at the workshop was interesting, yet educational. It was interactive and I could relate to the information provided. The brain games we played were also fun and kept us awake. And the food was delicious!
WOW – a HUGE THANK YOU to you. My mom and I were just discussing the incredible way in which you are teaching the kids and how you make each one feel loved and valued and thereby boosting their self-confidence. That is really something special that only few teachers master (regardless of the discipline taught) – but most definitely a most accomplished skill/mannerism of yours! We regard ourselves as blessed to have you as part of the group of Ava’s educators.
As a parent, surely nothing is more important to me than my kids’ happiness and well-being. THANK YOU so much for being such an incredible contributor to Ava’s development and for your positivity and the always kind way in which you are interacting with Ava, my very spirited child.
It is deeply appreciated!
Die program is so goed vir hulle! As ek sien hoe Gian op een been spring en hoe hulle met 'n bal speel en kan balanseer, besef ek hoe goed Kwanda is. Selfs my ma het dit raak gesien toe hulle 'n week hier gekuier het! Sal graag Gian wil laat aangaan met remediëring vanaf die 2de kwartaal.

I have learnt so much and have even changed my own family's lifestyle according to what I have learnt at the workshops
Thank you for the superb work you are doing with the kids, the Kwanda  session is indeed a highlight in Mikaela & Miane’s day. Once again, thank you for the excellent and dedicated work with the children, it is appreciated.
Cyril & Sulene McKechnie
This is a very professional report, I'm glad she is doing Kwanda Kinetics.
I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your time, care and effort with regards to Suraya's development.
It has made the world of difference!
Baie dankie Marene, en vir julle harde werk met ons kinders deur die jaar, ons waardeer dit baie! Julle aandeel in hulle ontwikkeling is ‘priceless’ en gaan nie ongesiens verby nie!
Mildred Manthey
Ek wil julle bedank vir julle insette die afgelope twee jaar! Ek sal Kwanda verseker vir enige van ons familie en vriende aanbeveel!
Liezel van den Berg
Your programme has been so valuable in Amy's development and we are really blessed to have had her pass through this program. With her starting grade one next year, we feel this has really given her a good foundation that can be built upon. Keep up the good work and wishing you, your team and loved ones a blessed and safe festive season.
Renee Lee
Julle is BRILJANT volgens my. Jou konstante en omvattende terugvoer en verslaggewing (soos ek gesê het) laat my verstom.
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops. It blows my mind every time I attend a workshop how much information you guys have to share.
I would like to thank you for being part of Sibo's life and he has purely enjoyed playing and learning with you.
Hope you continue doing the same with other kids.
Well researched about her topic, good speaker.
Ek moet byvoeg dat julle awesome werk doen en die tyd en effort wat jy insit laat my verstom!! Dankie vir die positiewe insette wat jy in ons kindertjies gelewer het, julle sal verseker net van krag tot krag gaan in die toekoms!
Thank you for your report and all the help and support that was given to Anja over the last couple of years with Kwanda Kinetics. As you know, Anja is going to high school next year, so this was her last year in school. She often spoke of you and how much she enjoyed the classes (although she is not a very sport orientated girl!). She also sends her regards.
I was so mind blown by the price giving this morning and I must say thank you so much for the effort you have put into my son.
Believe me when I say I see improvements and I'm happy.
Gift (Parent)
Just wanted to say thank you for all the trouble you go to for the Saturday talks. I know how much time and effort it takes to get it all organised. They really do add value!!!
Thank you so much for the report and the in depth description of all the requirements for Jocelyn’s age.
Thank you so much for the comprehensive report.
Baie dankie vir die goeie werkies wat julle vir ons kiddies doen!!
Thank you for your lovely email. So nice to hear from you. I'm so sorry for only replying you now, it has been hectic. I want to thank you for the right direction in finding a speech therapist. Thank you ever so much for you all your help. Hopefully after the grommets Emmanuel will be able to understand better.
Wow, that was very informative, and what we tend to forget as parents (even teacher parents)
Thank you for this article
Thank you so so much for this valuable article!!
Duisend dankies vir die verslag, ek waardeer dit vreeslik. Ek sal graag vir jou wil pla vir daai oefeninge vir stimulasie as jy nie omgee nie asseblief?  Baie dankie!
Thank you so much for this report. It’s been wonderful to see how Mia’s gross motor skills have come along since she started school, and I know Kwanda Kinetics has been a big part of that.
Thank you for the update on Carike's assessment. I will definitely pay more attention to the points she needs to work on.
A special thanks to you and your team for all the hard work you do, helping our children.
Ilana Bouwer
Thank you for your report, we will help with the * areas!  Thank you for all your hard work!
Maryna Engel
I like the introduction, the exercises, actually everything. The lessons are easily understandable and communicable.
Baie dankie vir julle harde werk en omgee vir ons klein mensies.
Charmaine Wilson
Baie dankie vir Lilly en Olivia se verslae. Ons waardeer die moeite wat jy met hulle doen.
Many thanks for the report and all the effort and love you put into Kwanda Kids, Mikaela just loves it!
Baie dankie vir Jou harde werk en die hele span by Kwanda Kinetics!!! Julle doen so 'n awesome werk in ons kinders se lewens!!
Jean het dit baie geniet!
Tanya, Johan en Jean
Baie dankie vir al jou harde werk met Chase. Hy het altyd sy klasse baie geniet en was elke keer so trots op sy stempel vir die werk waarvoor hy geprys was.
Leonie Fourie
Thank you for the report, Nathan loves Kwanda 😊
Appreciate all your hard work and effort with the kids, hope you have an awesome holiday and a wonderful festive season.
Anja Edmonds
Dankie dat ons vandag die opedag kon bywoon en dat jy dit wat jy met ons kinders doen graag deel. Dit was 'n voorreg en lekker om te kom kyk. Danica geniet die Kwanda Kids baie en wys graag vir ons wat sy leer. Dankie vir die positiewe bydrae tot ons dogtertjie se ontwikkeling.
Baie dankie vir hierdie MOOI rapport, jou uitstekende werk, liefde en insette met Sion se ontwikkeling! Ons Steenkamps waardeer jou! Jy's pragtig! Weereens DANKIE!
Baie dankie vir die mooi verslag. En baie dankie dat jy so mooi met die kindertjies werk!
Baie dankie vir al julle moeite. Dit is altyd lekker as jy mense ontmoet wat rerig omgee.
Ek sien self n massiewe verskil in sy selfvertroue en vaardighede.  Ek weet ook dat hy nou n bietjie meer waaghalsig is wanneer dit by sekere dinge kom waarvoor hy altyd bang was...  Hy praat gereeld van jou en hoe goed hy doen in die klassies, kan sien hoe trots hy is!
Baie baie dankie vir al jou insette en tyd wat jy aan hom bestee, ons waardeer dit opreg.
Ek wil BAIE BAIE dankie se vir jou tyd, moetie en liefde wat jy in ons kinders bele. Ek kan sien dat jou taak nie altyd maklik is nie maar vandag se ek DANKIE HERE vir iemand soos JY wat ons kids so bless!! Ons waardeer jou baie!
Ek wil net vir jou dankie se vir al jou harde werk en wat jy vir Erin leer. Dit was lekker om daar te wees vandag.
Ek wil net uit die diepte van my hart se baie baie dankie vir die wonderlike program wat julle aanbied en ons kinders die kansie gee om deel te wees van so ietsie wonderlik. Liam en sy klassie was so oulik vanoggend en ek het dit deeglik geniet om dit te sien!
Baie baie dankie!
Zana Wassermann
Baie dankie vir gister dit was wonderlik om te sien waar Hanre alles leer wat hy by die huis mee aankom. Dankie vir al julle liefde en moeite met die kleingoed. Dit kos baie geduld en ‘n mens kan sien dis ‘n roepping en nie net ‘n werk vir julle nie.
Thanks for the exercises. The exercises fit well into our daily routine, we have missed some here and there, but are being quite diligent in doing them.
Just want to say “Thank You!” again to you Marene, you are helping us so much!
Shani Marshall