We have designed our program for all children to actively participate in the sessions for the entire duration of the class.  Our program further uses a variety of exciting equipment and innovative exercises to stimulate, develop and/or improve the following aspects:
  locomotor skills such as running, skipping and jumping
  balancing skills (both static and dynamic)
  spatial orientation skills
  general coordination skills
  specific coordination skills such as eye-hand & eye-foot coordination
  ball skills & manipulation skills
  fitness skills  such as flexibility, agility, strength and muscle endurance 
  rhythm and timing
  body awareness
It also addresses the following underlying elements:
  eye-muscle control
  muscle tone
  motor planning
  vestibular functioning
  midline crossing
  reflex integration
  visual-motor integration
Apart from addressing the above-mentioned basics necessary for future academic success, our program also includes music from time to time.  This allows creative movement as well as the use of imagination, and adds variety to the lessons – something the children love! 
Just a side note:  we strongly believe in the power of music.  However, we do not use music for the entire duration of our sessions as children with auditory processing problems or attention difficulties find it hard to concentrate on the exercises (and the instructions that follow) if the whole session is accompanied by music.  We therefore alternate between verbal instructions and music when presenting our classes.