At Kwanda Kinetics Paediatric Development Centre, our Kinderkineticists determine and address the following elements:
  Weight, height, body mass index and/or fat percentage
  Body awareness & body alignment
  Postural & gait defects
  Fitness skills e.g. running speed and agility, flexibility, endurance & strength
  Muscle tone & postural stability
  Shoulder girdle stability and core strength
  Gross motor skills such as hopping, sliding, jumping and skipping
  Developmental milestones such as rolling, sitting, crawling and walking
  Balance & Vestibular functioning
  Primitive reflex integration & postural reactions,
  General coordination & bilateral integration
  Eye-hand & eye-foot coordination
  Motor planning
  Visual-perceptual skills
  Eye-muscle control & functional visual skills such as convergence, tracking & accommodation
Whilst we are assessing we are also on the lookout for problems or difficulties with regards to the following:
  Rhythm and timing,
  Motor planning
  Midline crossing, to name but a few. 
Based on experience as well as the use of certain test batteries, our centre is further able to identify the following areas that might be in need for further assessment or intervention, and will thus be able to refer to other medical-related professions when it comes to:
  Hypermobility challenges
  Auditory processing problems
  Speech and language related problems
  Sensory difficulties (tactile, proprioceptive, vestibular, auditory and visual difficulties)
  Fine motor problems
  Behavioral difficulties
  Neurological challenges