All schools will benefit from having an in-house Kinderkineticist on their premises to assist the children with their neuro-motor development.  However, the following children will also benefit from our Kwanda Care program:
  Infants/children experiencing delayed milestone development
  Children with gross motor problems such as walking, skipping and running
  Children with the following difficulties: 
  • motor planning,
  • low muscle tone and postural stability problems
  • poor shoulder girdle strength,
  • coordination problems,
  • difficulties with spatial orientation,
  • midline crossing & laterality problems,
  • balancing problems,
  • problems with eye muscle control & functional visual skills
  • weak core
  Overweight and obese children
  Children diagnosed with DCD, ADHD, ADD, Dyspraxia, Autism or Dyslexia
  Children with learning problems