Our centre helps children/teams to become stronger, fitter and better equipped to participate in sports whilst lowering the risk of them developing future complications of being unhealthy and unfit.  This includes the risk of sports injuries.  By providing continual feedback via assessments, players can improve their fitness skills and coaches can continually redesign their program in order to address each area that still requires attention. However, at our centre we also know that the visual system is like any other motor system in the body.  It can be trained and improved by sport vision exercises, just as athletes use sport-specific drills to improve overall fitness performance. 
The visual system has direct connections to the proprioceptive centres of the brain.  These centres control awareness of the body's position in space, which is especially important during exercise and sport.  Twenty percent of the fibers of the optic nerve goes directly to the brain centres that regulate and control balance.  By integrating visual perceptual and proprioceptive skills, the athlete develops the ability to focus directly on the task at hand and not be distracted by irrelevant parts of the game environment such as surrounding opponents, the fans or the colour of the sky.  And just as many aspects of an athlete's abilities can be greatly enhanced by sport-specific skill training, the athlete's visual perceptual and visual motor abilities can drastically improve by our SportsVision development program. Our program is also easy to implement and is an extremely beneficial addition to all athletic programs for athletes of all abilities.