Our Kinderkinetics Program for babies is called Kwanda Babies.  Kwanda Babies is an individual-based sensory-motor development program with a preventative, improving and/or rehabilitative nature.  It is presented once a week during public school terms by registered Kinderkineticists at various baby centers and pre-schools around Gauteng.   This exciting program is developed for babies between 0 – 18 months of age and is designed to stimulate a baby’s sensory systems whilst developing a baby’s motor skills.  It also aims to prevent educational implications and encourages proper brain development, thus helping a baby to reach his/her full potential.
Kwanda Babies is more than just normal development classes.  It is a totally unique program presented by professionals that offers babies additional support to ‘reach dizzy heights’ and be the best that they can be.  It is truly the SMART move.