Knowledge is power and Kwanda Kinetics wants to help schools, teachers and families to make confident decisions regarding their children. This resources section helps you know what to expect and how to help, with downloadable forms, recommended articles, books, and activities that play an integral part in a child's development process.
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"The Brain that Changes Itself"
by Norman Doidge M.D., PhD
"Autism: a practical guide to improving your child's quality of life"
by Jonathan Tommey
"Healing ADD"
by Dr Daniel Amen
"New Hope for ADHD"
by Helena Bester
"Children with Dyslexia"
by Agibail Marshall
"Sensory intelligence"
by Annemarie Lombard
"The out-of-sync child"
by Carol Stock
"ADHD does not exist"
by Dr Richard Saul
"The Gift of dyslexia"
by Ronald Davis
"Switch on your brain"
by Dr Caroline Leaf
"Is that my child? The brain Food Plan"
by Dr Robin Pauc
"Brain Grain"
by Dr David Perlmutter
"Optimum nutrition for your child's mind"
by Patrick Holford
"Food allergies:
by Patrick Holford
"Smart food for smart kids"
by Fiona MaDonald
"The seven pillars of health"
by Dr Don Colbert
"Toxic childhood"
by Sue Palmer
"The well-balanced child"
by Sally Goddard
"Smart moves"
by Carla Hannaford
"The conscience parent's guide to executive functioning disorders"
by Dr Branstetter
"Go Natural"
by Johan Jacobs
"Prematurity - adjusting your dream"
by Welma Lubbe
"21ste Century Boys"
by Sue Palmer
"The remarkable nutritional treatment for ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia"
by Jacqueline Stordy
100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with Dyspraxia and DCD
Amanda Kirby and Lynne Peters. (2007). Continuum International Publishing Group: New York
Developmental Coordination Disorder: Hints and tips for the activities of daily living.
Morven Ball. (2002). Jessica Kingsley Publishers: London
Dyspraxia: A guide for teachers and parents.
Kate Ripley, Bob Daines, & Jenny Barrett. (1997). David Fulton Publishers: London
Dyspraxia: The hidden handicap.
Amanda Kirby. (1999). Souvenir Press: London
Helping children with dyspraxia.
Maureen Boon. (2001). Jessica Kingsley Publishers: London
How to help a clumsy child: Strategies for young children with developmental motor concerns.
Lisa A. Kurtz. (2003). Jessica Kingsley Publishers: London
Inclusion for children with dyspraxia/DCD: A handbook for teachers.
Kate Ripley. (2001). David Fulton Publishers: London
The Source for Developmental Coordination Disorder
Paulene Kamps. (2005). Linguisystems: East Moline, IL.