Kinderkinetics is an exciting specialized paediatric field which aims to increase the total well-being of typically developing children between 0 to 13 years of age.  This is done by stimulating, promoting and rectifying age specific neuro-motor and physical skills. 
Kinderkinetics is not a franchise.  The profession of Kinderkinetics as a degree is currently presented by various Universities throughout South Africa.  As a paediatric exercise science, it is studied intensively over a 4 year period to thoroughly understand a child's progressive development from a movement perspective.   
Based on scientific and well-researched motor learning principles, programs can then developed according to the various levels of age, skill and need of a child. These specialized programs are delivered by highly trained health practitioners called Kinderkineticists.  All Kinderkineticists in practice must be registered at the South African Professional Institute for Kinderkinetics (also called SAPIK).
At Kwanda Kinetics we think outside the box to offer programs that work.  As a paediatric development centre, we currently present the following Kinderkinetic programs to 20 pre-primary and primary schools in the Westrand of Gauteng:
  Kinderkinetics for infants - Kwanda Babies
  Kinderkinetics for pre-primary and primary school children - Kwanda Kids
  Kinderkinetics for special needs children or children with a slight developmental delay - Kwanda Care
  Kinderkinetics for optimizing the sport performance of children - Kwanda Sport